An open door, where the needs of patients comes first

Whatever health and wellness concerns your loved one is coping with, one of our care coordinators will visit your home and perform a care assessment to fit your specific needs.

Long Term Care

Providing Support and assistance which allow your loved ones to maintain independence and dignity within their own environment.

Hospital Facilities

We provide Staff Relief for hospitals with specialized trained ICU/ER Medical and Surgical Rehabilitation, Complex Care, Registered Nurses, and Registered Practical Nurses.

Home Care

Our services are flexible and accommodates your needs of a few hours a day, overnight stay, live-in dependency or coverage for caregiver’s vocational needs.

Knock Knock Nursing & Staffing Solutions carefully select staff with great expertise and resources necessary to provide compassionate care within your home. Health care at home brings independence, joy and fulfillment to those who require our assistance. 

Our care providers demonstrates sensitivity, compassion and respect to individuals. We are equipped to provide various professional home care services. Let us provide you with top quality care!

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